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Restaurant Reviews from the Best Eaters in Boston

You Know You Like It

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Pissed off at a recent beef burrito you just ate? Euphoric over the last spring roll you just devoured? Whether good or bad, do all of Boston a favor and write a review of the restaurant of your choice (either of praise, warning, or anything in between).

Rules for posting

-Include the restaurant name in your title

-Specify the location in your entry if possible

-All reviews must be in Boston or the greater Boston area (cambridge, newton, brookline, etc.) However, if some place is commuter rail accessible, it's ok to post (but don't push it... mainly Boston and greater Boston here.)

-Reviews should be pretty thorough (i.e. I had a really good slice of pizza at Mamas would be bad.)

-At the end of your review, please rank the restaurant with a letter grade (A-, C+, B... etc)

In addition, comments on reviews are welcome and encouraged. If you agree or even disagree, you can comment with your thoughts anytime.

Happy eating!