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Eagle's Deli (Cleveland Circle)

First, a disclaimer: I like good food, especially good deli food... But I'm not a huge fan of huge portions. So when a person like me visits an establishment rated as the #2 Place to Pig Out in the World, I already have my guard up. Eagle's is known mostly for it's "wall of fame" of those who have been able to eat their competition-sized burgers... They have a menu of burgers ranging from "normal sized" all the way up to a $50 burger weighing in at 5lbs. I'm not in to gorging, so I stick to their food intended for mortals.

Their Gobbler sandwich, featuring sliced turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce (gelatin-style), and gravy on rye is great. Their burgers are good, but I'd rather hop on the 86 (which starts right there in Cleveland Circle) to Harvard Square and hit up Bartley's or Charlie's if given the choice. French fries are very hit-or-miss... Most of the time the fries are cooked too hot (so they are either over done on the outside and perfect on the inside, or just right externally but not cooked through), but occasionally they've hit the mark.

For me, the big problem I have with the place is the service. First of all, it seems like it takes forever for an order to come up. Now cook-to-order is one thing, but several times I have ordered my sandwich with fries, but when the sandwich is done they are just putting the fries in the oil, so I have to wait. In addition, some of the staff are complete dicks... My girlfriend ordered a "Reuben with tomatoes instead of meat", and the fat guy behind the counter started arguing with her that it wasn't a Reuben anymore because there was no meat. After a few minutes of him forcing the issue, she eventually said "Whatever you want to call it, just make the damn sandwich". For the patience they ask of you while waiting at the counter for your order to come up, they don't have much patience as you are looking at the menu deciding what to order.

For me, the sandwiches used to edge out all the negatives, but recently I've found myself fed up. I just don't like having to battle to get a god-damned sandwich. Perhaps they think their attitude is charming or endearing, but really it is just annoying. I don't need to be waited on hand-and-foot, and I don't demand blind respect from a restaurant staff, but I do expect to be treated like a human being.


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