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Mike's Pastries

Mike's Pastries, located on the gorgeous Hanover Street in Boston historic North End can only be summed up in one word... orgasmic. At least... the food is.

If you have not been, my friend, you have not lived. However, Mike's Pastries can be very intimidating to newcomers. The small pastry shop holds 100 people at a time... easily. It's a mad rush to the ordering counters. Will you be lost in the crowd?

The hardest part about Mike's Pastries is seeing what they have to offer. The glass displays are always covered up by hoards of customers ordering their food. To see what they have to be offer, I like to perform a move called the crotch-see-through. It involves ducking down and looking at the food counter through people's legs. It seems to work pretty well.

When you have in mind what you want to order, kindly shove yourself to the front of the line. I was tall, so this was easy, but someone of small stature might want to consider biting ankles, pulling long hair, or tackling a person's knees. Once you get to the front, you can proclaim yourself a true Bostonian, having gone through one of the cities most trying challenges.

I would recommend the ORIGINAL canolis (or with the chocolate chips on the ends) with powdered sugar, the peanut butter squares, fruit tarts, ruggala, and Jordan Almonds (these are not at the counter, you have to ask for them).

All in all, this restaurant is an experience, and once you walk out of the restaurant with the token Mike's Pastries box tied with the cool retro blue and white string, you will be the object of all jealousy. For real, I walked on the train and all conversation stopped, as all the passengers intently stared at the box. Then i started eating, in front of them. So I'm an asshole... whatever.

However, the place can get REALLY crowded and chaotic sooo...

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