Gabs (glitterrain) wrote in b0st0n_dining,

Anna's Taqueria

Quite often is the question raised- is this Brookline Taqueria pronounced ANNE-Uh's or ON--Uh's? My personal (and correct) pronounciation is "ANNE-UHS" but hey, to each his own. It's not the name that matters. It's the amazingness. Because this is truly amazing.

Anna's is real cheap. In a way that resteraunts just are not cheap. It's cheaper than Burger King. It's cheaper than MacDonalds. I have never spent over 5 bucks at Anna's, and that is with a drink, a super burrito, and chips. If you wanna do the bare minimum (get a small burrito with no drink or anything), you could pay in quarters if you'd like.

But the best part is, you would imagine this food would suck. BUT, it doesn't. At all. Nothing compares. It doesn't taste like a normal burrito. It's have to try it. You'll want to go back.

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