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TGI Friday's

Hands down the best part of TGIFriday's on Newbury Street is the fact that you can sit at the tinted windows and make fun of ugly people. Period.

It is for this fact that I continue to go to the afore mentioned restaurant location. So what if my honey mustard was a little too yellow for my liking. Who cares if the waitress never refilled my drink through the entire course of the dinner. I didn't mind. I was too busy pointing out ugly fashion on the street.

So apparently the biggest thing about TGIFriday's is their new 3 course meal for 12.99 with a choice of 4 appetizers, 12 entrees, and 2 desserts. This is bullshit. The two desserts are this:

low fat cheesecake and regular cheesecake.

That's not a choice assholes. But regardless, the food is good, usually filling, and pretty. Although the menu lacks the versatility of a Chili's, the food is made better.

However, the waitstaff can sometimes suck dick. I finished my drink before we ordered the food. She ignored the empty ass bottle on the table the entire time. Each time she passed she'd offer to get me another drink. She was a boldfaced liar. And I gave her a one dollar tip. Bitch.

In addition, Friday's does not automatically give you a birthday cake when you say it's your birthday. This gives MAJOR points against them. Fuck you, it's my birfday.

However, eating french fries while calling someone seperated only by a thin sheet of glass "fatty" very audibly gives this restaurant the recommendation from me.

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