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The Cheesecake Factory. (Chestnuthill MA.. in the Atrium Mall).

Before I start this review, I just wanted to say HEY to Gabby and that I love you and the only reason I am posting in here is because I love you.

Alright, now... I don't even know if somebody else has already made a post about the cheesecake factory, because I'm just way too lazy to look. So if they already did, oh well. But if not, COOL.

ALRIGHT. The Cheesecake Factory. Many of us know this place as "that really expensive place in the Atrium Mall", "that place with great food and bitchin cheesecake." or, if your anything like me, "MY HOUSE OF WORSHIP."

I'm not really so sure what makes this place so special. Perhaps because it's close to South, and those of us (freshman and sophomores) who don't have cars, can easily walk through the woods and get there and enjoy a wonderful lunch instead of going to your history class. Whatever it may be, this place is AMAZING.

The food. I'm not going to lie to you guys, usually when I go here to eat, even if it's lunch or dinner time, I USUALLY just get a slice of cheesecake and I'm good. But I have discovered that their food is delicious. My favorite, the turkey club. It's wonderful for a light, casual lunch. And for dinner, the small individual cheese pizza. Who here does not love their own pizza? You get your own box! It's pretty sweet. So those are my two favorites, and I don't know about everything else on the menu, seeing as I havent had it yet, I cant tell you about them, BUT I'm sure everything is great.

And last, but not least.. the reason you go there: THE MOTHER FUCKING CHEESECAKE. When you walk in to the cheesecake counter and see all of the different flavors, how the hell are you supposed to choose just one? I would recommend COOKIE DOUGH, it's my favorite and I always get it. Fresh strawberries, Dulce de leche, and Oreo are all pretty good to.

I don't know... this review wasn't exactly top quality, but I just felt like advertising my love for the cheesecake factory. And if you have never been there, you need to go. It's kind of like how everyone wants to see Venice before they die... you want to go to cheesecake factory before you die.

So, I give The Cheesecake Factory an A.

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