Gabs (glitterrain) wrote in b0st0n_dining,

Coconut Cafe (Newton Centre, in Newton)

I don't really know why I go here so much. I mean, the food is awesome. Best Thai iced tea I've ever had, and really good other stuff as well. But the service is terrible! I think the waitstaff just hates me and my friends. But here are some examples.

I order crispy Pad Thai with shrimp. My friend orders normal Pad Thai with chicken. They give me crispy with chicken and her normal with shrimp. We tell them, and they get offended and bring them into the kitchen, blatanly pick the chicken and shrimp out, switch them, and bring them back. There is still chicken at the bottom of my bowl and there is shrimp in hers. What if she was kosher?

We are always really nice to the waitstaff and they ignore us in turn. And they are nice to adults, so I know they HEAR us, they just are rude to teenagers. We're still paying them, so they should not do that. For instance, my friend once asked the waitress what was in Thai Iced Tea (allergies!) and she ignored her completely. Just turned around and walked away. Once I told the waitress I liked her dress (it was really pretty!) and she just ignored me and walked away. Why?? Did complimenting her fashion sense OFFEND her? I don't get it.

Sunday night, a friend and I went there and they brought her dish LITERALLY 25 minutes before mine when we ordered the same thing. We figured they forgot it, so we asked for it and she got defensive and brought it to me.

ALSO, they were really rude to my dad when he got takeout once and they told him 20 minutes so he came in 20 minutes and they said "Sorry, it's not ready yet. Come in 10 more minutes." He couldn't find parking or something so he had to go home and then drive back to Newton Centre.

If you do go, try any kind of pad thai, egg rolls, thai iced tea, or dumplings. They're all really good. And the menus are really cool. It's good food. But if you want good pad thai in Newton AND good service, go to Lams in Newtonville. It has the best pad thai in the world.

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