Charlette Augusta Renault-Caragianes (barbalette) wrote in b0st0n_dining,
Charlette Augusta Renault-Caragianes

Border Cafe

The Border Cafe in Harvard Square is a good choice if you are short on money. If you are short on time or patience, however, it may not be wise to go.

The service is very hit or miss, as the waiters tend to go to the extreme ends of the service spectrum.

example: When I went last Sunday, I had a waiter who brought the check to a table IN HIS MOUTH and he gave me sass when I asked for water. Another waitress was more than happy to get us water, guacamole(more on this later), and extra plates.

Despite the sometimes less than desirable service, the food is consistently good whether you order a burger or burrito. The guacamole is the best I have ever had, better than authentic mexican restaurants even. The aforementioned burgers are surprisingly delicious considering that the restaurant is a mexican/cajun joint.

The atmosphere is a bit hokey but fun, and the prices are extremely reasonable for a sit-down place. The food is very good and usually comes out in a timely fashion, though not always. The service, as I previously stated, is either SUPER or awful. For all of these reasons, the Border Cafe has garnered a...



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