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pho shizzle

Pho Pasteur; there's one in the garage mall but as of today Mi Casa moved out so the garage mall is now going to be taken over by the scene kids and all the dirty hippies only have the second floor island of tatoos and body piercings, and now they sell scene kid things so the scene kids really are taking over.

Anyway. Pho Pasteur. I've always eaten at the ones in Chinatown, but beware that upon leaving Chinatown you may feel a thick layer of tar collected over your skin, hair, and clothes.

Oh, Chinatown.

For under five bucks, get the chicken Pho Ga, a delicious Vietnamese version of chicken noodle soup, except worlds better and in a huge bowl which one could bathe a baby in without too much struggle. It's a ton of soup.

Pho Ga is prepared by cooking the chicken, dark meat and fat included, in the water, then adding in such things as burnt onions and various spices. It's insane. And delicious. The noddles are many, the chicken perfectly tender, and you recieve a plate of fresh sprouts and a lime to do as you please with. I highly reccomend using the lime; squeeze it into the Pho Ga and then let the rind float around. Hoisen sauce and some hot sauce is also nice. Hoisen on the chicken and noodles is delicious but know that it will turn your broth dark brown and kinda like gravy so you might not want to be a pyscho sauce feind like myself.

As for drinks, you get tea automatically in a little cup and have your little metal tea pot on the table to refill at any time. This is real tea, with the leaves floating around at the bottom. It's not fabulous quality, but it's decent.

The best cold drink in the whole restaraunt is the frozen coconut drinks. Hell, I hate coconut, and these were the equivilant of an orgasm in my mouth. Seriously folks. The lemonades and limeades are good too; very unique.

Vietnamese food is delicious.

You will not leave Pho Pasteur hungry, and it's always nice to have a huge vat of your leftover broth to take home and take swigs off like a drunk hobo for the rest of eternity.

A health note: if you're a germ freak like me beware. I am the kind of person who never used a public restroom (including school) or swimming pool or other gross thing. Heck, I hate sharing bathrooms with my own family. But if you can adore the thick smoggy air of Chinatown in the first place, you may be okay with the fact that everything will always be a little sticky, that the chopsticks you use are in a big can of chopsticks which have been open to everyone, and that you probably don't want to see what goes on in the kitchen. But who cares. I think anyone whose eaten McDonalds or mexican food (mmm) has abused their bodies enough. It's a little sketchy, but there's a lot of students who float in and out of Pho Pasteur, oh and a lot of Asian people too.

The end.

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