Gabs (glitterrain) wrote in b0st0n_dining,

Fire and Ice

The one in Harvard Square. Go to Fire and Ice if you are REALLY hungry, or else the flat cost of 17 dollars (it IS 17, right?) plus a drink is a waste. If you're hungry though, and in the mood for trying lots of different things, Fire and Ice is your man.

It's sort of an "experience resteraunt". People get these colorful bowls and put whatever they want in it- meat, pasta, poultry, vegetables, seafood... and then they choose a sauce, and watch the cooks, at this big round hot table, cook it up. Sort of in the spirit of a Japanese steakhouse, except more waiting because there are always 10 bowls or so waiting to be cooked. Then you eat it. Then you get more, if you're still hungry. See why you need to be hungry?

Fun for birthdays and group outings!

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hahah the trick is to go for lunch when it's only like 7.95
fire and ice = true love
not worth it if you are vegetarian. I went once and paying $17 bucks for veg stirfry is not really worth it.
It's rarely worth the dinner cost; $17 just for seafood to be added! But the lunch cost is perfectly wonderful, especially for fun with other people.
Fire and Ice is one of the worst places I have ever been.

But hey, to each their own, yeah?